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Moss building Stone 3" to 5" thick with good building edges

These are great for building just about anything.  Builders must be no less than 3" and no more than 5" thick. They have good building edges, no tapered edges. More than half of the builders are weathered or moss covered.

Moss Builders

Waterfall rock is used primarily in building waterfalls; however, it can be used in other projects. This rock is a flat stone that is weathered or moss covered. Waterfall is 1" to 3" thick.

Moss Waterfall

This rock is small, square shaped, and 3" to 6" thick. It is moss and/or weathered covered. Moss brick has good edges and is no more than 6" wide.

Moss Brick

These stones are 3" to 6" thick and flat. They are weathered and/or mossy big pieces that are generally about the width and length of a pallet. Grottos are used largely in building pools with waterfalls. Other sizes are available upon request.

Moss Grottos

Moss beams are weathered and/or mossy long rectangular pieces. They are no wider than 24" and are random lengths. This stone has a wide variety of uses including benches, retaining walls, and hearths. If your looking for a certain size, please let us know and we will do our best to acccomadate you.

Moss Beams

Basket boulders are mossy boulders that very in size as small as baseball and as big as basketball sized. They are weathered and/or covered in moss. We have smooth and square edges available.

Moss Basket Boulders

Small boulders can be  weathered and/or covered in moss and range in size from 75 to 300 pounds. They are rough with lots of character. 

Small Moss Boulders
(1-2 man boulders)

Medium boulders can be  weathered and/or covered in moss and range in size from 300 to 800 pounds. They are rough with loads of character. Medium boulders are used for building and for decorative purposes. 

Medium Moss Boulders
Large Moss Boulders

Large boulders are weathered and/or moss covered. They range in size from 1500 to 5000 pounds. Boulders have tons of character and are used in building walls and decorative purposes. 

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