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This stone has rounded edges from being rolled around in creek beds. It is baseball to softball sized and the colors vary from browns to golds.

Small Creek Basket Boulders

(baseball-softball size)

Medium Creek Basket Boulders

(cantaloupe-volleyball size) 

Rounded edged creek rock. Most pieces are cantaloupe sized and not bigger than a volleyball. Colors vary in brown and tan colors.

Large Creek Basket Boulders

(soccerball-basketball size)

Creek rock that has rounded edges. These pieces are the size of soccerballs and basketballs and are multi colored.

Small Creek Boulders

(1-2 man size)

Rounded edged creek rock that is approximately 60 to 150 pounds. These boulders should be easy for two people to pick up.

Creek Rock

Small Creek Boulders

(2-3 man size)

Boulders with rounded edges and varies in color from shades of brown to whites and gold. These boulders require 2-3 people to move around and weigh approximately 100-300 pounds.

Medium Creek Boulders

(3-5 per pallet)

Boulders with rounded edges. These boulders require equipment to move them. They come in various colors and weigh 300-800 pounds.

Large Creek Boulder

(1-2 per pallet)

These boulders are very large and vary in size. There are usually 1 or 2 boulders per pallet and they can weigh 1000 pounds up to 4000 pounds. Just let us know what sizes you are looking for and we can size them for you.

Small Creek Flats

Small smooth edged creek rock that is flat and about the size of your hand. Normally 1-2 inches thick and varies in color.

Large Flat Creek Rock

Large smooth edged stone that is about the size of a dining plate or bigger. Normal thickness is 1-3 inches and varies in colors.

Creek Brick

Smooth edged stones that are mostly rectangle and shaped like a brick. Normally 2-4 inches in thickness, a maximum of 6 inches wide, and various lengths.

Creek Builders

Large smooth edged creek rock. Normally 3-5 inches thick and has at least two square sides.  Comes in various shades of brown.

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